The Top Six Uses Of The Mondia Whitei Plant In Health And Nutrition

Mondia whitei is a very widely used and versatile herb and this short paper aims to outline the top six uses of Mondia whitei in health and nutrition.

1. As a male sexual stimulant or aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs normally work in one of the following ways

  • They can help to increase the flow of blood to the penis
  • They can increase the amount of testosterone and an increase in the volume and motility (how fast they move) of male sperm cells
  • They can help improve your mood and minimize your worries associated with performance anxiety.

Laboratory tests have clearly shown that regular consumption of Modia whitei aqueous or other extract increases the volume of protein and density of sperms as well as the amount of testosterone in the testicles. This has the result in males of making them more masculine (increase in the androgenic property).

2. For nutrition

Some of the parts of the plants have been used as food in different parts of Africa. In Nigeria and Ghana, an energizing brew is made from the roots together with ginger and this is often consumed during weddings and other important functions. Mondia leaves and roots contain vitamins A, D, K and E as well as magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium and protein. As a result, the plant may be a readily and affordable alternative source for the prevention of micronutrient deficiencies, especially among poor populations. The leaves were often eaten as a substitute for spinach.

3. For flavour

In South Africa, the root is sometimes cooked with meat to enhance the flavour and also used as a tea. In Kenya, the roots are eaten fresh or dried, initially tasting rather hot and bitter then slightly sweeter afterwards (Mukonyi, 2002). The flavour has been investigated by international flavour houses for development into a vanilla-like flavour for drinks, sweets and bitterness masking agents.

4. A wide range of medical complaints

In different African groupings, Mondia is known as a mild laxative, to ease abdominal pains, alleviate nausea as well as for the treatment of fever and bilharzia. Some other interesting uses for the plant are to induce labour in Uganda; to fight malaria in Benin; to eradicate worm infestation (anthelmintics) in Nigeria. Even other uses have been discovered such as the treatment of ringworms, skin diseases, stomach worms, heart diseases and asthma.

5 For stress and tension

The Luo and Tonga in Southern Mozambique use a decoction of Mondia to treat stress and tension in adults.

6. Ornamental uses

As an ornamental garden plant where it acts as a vigorous creeper with a wide leaf of approximately 10cm x 5 cm. The plant has very attractive flowers and attracts a number of butterflies and moths.


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