Aspalathus linearis – Rooibos

Family: Fabaceae


The plant is indiginous to South Africa and is popular in the country’s Fynbos regions. Rooibos appears broomlike in form, standing erect but spreading. The plant has thin green leaves, and yellow flowers. As a tea, the plant produces a reddish drink similar to that of Hibiscus tea.

Herb uses

Rooibos was first used by the original people of the Cederberg area in South Africa. By the 2000s, the plant had become very popular as a tea internationally. Although little clinical research has been undertaken, the plant is believed to be useful in treating diabetes and cardiovascular issues for its antioxidant properties. As for its toxicology, longterm, high-dose usage may impair kidney and liver function, but few case studies exist.

Common Names: Red Bush (English), Rooi Bos (Afrikaans)