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The herbs listed below comprise just some of the herbs that we stock and trade. We can source any herb for you, from near or far.

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Pausinystallia yohimbe bark-Yohimbe

Pausinystallia yohimbe bark/Yohimbe

Pelargonium sidoides-umckaloabo-khoara

Pelargonium sidoides/umckaloabo/khoara


Salacia leptoclada/Ubanagalala

Sceletium toruosum-kanna-kougoed

Sceletium toruosum/kanna/kougoed

Family-Zingiberaceae-herb-Siphonochilus-aethiopicus-Indungulo-isiphephetho-African ginger-order-buy1

Siphonochilus aethiopicus/ Indungulo/isiphephetho/African ginger

Sutherlandia frutescens-Lessertia frutescens-Cancerbush-Kankerbos

Sutherlandia frutescens/Lessertia frutescens/Cancerbush/Kankerbos

Tribulus terrestris-Gokshura-Horny goat weed

Tribulus terrestris/Gokshura/Horny goat weed


Warburgia salutaris/iSibaha/Pepperbark tree

Withania somnifera-Ashwagandha1jpg

Withania somnifera – Ashwagandhav