Eriosema kraussianum – natural remedy for male erectile dysfunction and low libido

Description and distribution

Eriosema kraussianum is an erect, fairly small, tufted, perennial herb, with its stems covered in silvery silky hairs and with pale yellow flowers.  It is usually found in rocky areas of grassland, throughout eastern South Africa and Swaziland.

Traditional Uses

From ancient times, plants have served as a source of medicines for the treatment many chronic and acute diseases. Across the African continent traditional remedies are used for everything from hypertension, diabetes mellitus, arthritis and other chronic conditions including erectile dysfunction.

 Eriosema kraussianum is an example of this and is probably one of the most famous herbal aphrodisiacs originating from South Africa. It is a traditional Zulu medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and for enhancing sexual performance by increasing blood flow to the penis and promoting stronger, longer lasting erections.

Hot milk infusions of Eriosema kraussianum  roots and/or pounded boiled root decoctions of the plant are taken in small doses in the morning and at night for impotence.  As with oral Viagra™ taken with a fatty meal, oral administration of an infusion or decoction of Eriosema kraussianum  roots with milk probably delays or reduces the rate of absorption of the bioactive compounds from the patient’s gastrointestinal tract, and thereby prolongs the duration of action of the compounds in the body.*

It has been suggested that for maximum benefit, milk infusions and decoctions of Eriosema kraussianum roots are to be taken two to four hours before any anticipated sexual intercourse, and the effects (achievement and maintenance of penile erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse after penetration) of the plant extracts have been reported to last for four to six hours following oral dosing of the milk infusion or decoction of the rootstock extracts.*

Did you know?

The psycho-social benefits of using such plant-derived crude remedies in rural African communities cannot be overemphasised. Since men with erectile dysfunction as a result of organic, psychogenic or other causes are known to benefit from Viagra™ therapy, it is speculated that Eriosema kraussianum extractives may also be used effectively as a Viagra™ substitute in South African men with such erectile dysfunction.

Sustainability and sourcing

Eriosema kraussianum  is generally wild harvested and not usually although it can be grown quite easily from cuttings or seed. Cultivation is more suitable in coastal summer rainfall areas, and frost free areas


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